1. Springfield rep on Guntalk last Sunday said they can be ordered now.

    Does bobbing the barrel and slide by seven tenths of an inch make that much difference, when the grip remains the same?

  2. The dimensions of the 3.8 aren’t much different than the regular XD Service. So the 3.8 might be “more concealable” than the regular XDm, but in the grander scheme of things it’s not a huge leap. Still, a few tenths of an inch can matter in some cases.

    If they come out with an XDm in subcompact form (i.e. shorten the grip too), that would be a bit more to crow over.

  3. It isn’t going to be the concealable pistol answer XD lovers were wanting but It should be a little easier to wear. I myself agree the grip should have probably been chopped. But then you would lose the 19 round capacity.

  4. You might lose 19 rounds, but I’d still figure the capacity would be more than the regular XD-9 subcompact’s 13 rounds… maybe 16 rounds (given XDm-9 is 19 rounds and XD-9 is 16 rounds well… assume that 3 round increase in the M would carry over to a subcompact M version). That’s still nothing to sneeze over, especially that if 16 in a subcompact M was the way it would be, that’d be the same capacity as the standard XD!

    I can conceal a full-sized gun in an IWB holster just fine. In an IWB case, barrel length doesn’t matter THAT much; it can, but often the grip size matters more in terms of printing. I guess it all depends how you conceal.

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