Indiana Authorized Journalist database

As a service to my fellow Hoosiers, I felt inspired by the recent events in Bloomington; the decision of the Herald Time to create and publish their Indiana carry permit database has lead me to believe that a similar and much more important service should be offered to Hoosiers.  We’ll start off with Bloomington first, and then gradually expand the database as necessary.  What we would do is create a list, a “registry” or sorts, where you’ll be able to go to our web site and make sure that your neighborhood is safe.  Here at Gun Nuts, we’ll provide a street listing so you can know how many reporters and editorial staff live in your neighborhood.

Please note, that all information was obtained via public records; in fact most of them were acquired by looking up certain people in the phone book.

Our first inductees into the Indiana Authorized Journalist Database or “IAJD” for short are all staff at the Herald Times, coincidentally the same paper that is publishing a concealed carry database.  Here are names of the “first additions” to our database:

  • Scott C Schurz, President
  • Bob Zaltsberg, Editor
  • Todd Davidson, Digital Media Director
  • Andrea M Murray, Managing Editor

Now, our first four additions all share a common business address.  So if you live in the are of 1900 S. Walnut Street, Bloomington, IN 47401 be warned.  That’s the headquarters (makes it sound like a lair of villains) of the Bloomington Herald at 1900 S. Walnut Street.

Now here are the major streets we’ve discovered that have authorized journalists.

  • East Dekist Street: 1 journalist
  • East Pine Lane: 1 journalist
  • East Sheridan Drive: 1 journalist
  • East Davis Street: 1 journalist

Now, since we didn’t publish names and house numbers, there’s no danger right?  I mean, that’s what the Herald Times said about their database.  By their logic, there is just NO POSSIBLE WAY my database could be abused for nefarious purposes, because I made sure to not link any names to specific addresses.

The point of all of this is to show the HTO that the knife cuts in both directions.  Carry permit holders are law abiding citizens, and to treat us like sex offenders by putting us in some “carry permit database” that you stick in the “Crimes” section of your website is not only insulting, it’s reprehensible.  So Herald Times, as they say: tit for tat.  If you don’t like what you see here, then just pull your registry down.

Update: The Indiana Authorize Journalist Database is now interactive! See in Google Maps which streets in your neighborhood have dangerous and uncontrollable “journalists” on them. Is your street safe? Find out here!


  1. You know every time I’ve run across journalists, they have had expensive cameras and easily portable electronic equipment such as cutting edge technology laptops as needed in the age of electronic media.

    I wonder if the average thief or crack addict looking to score money for another fix would realize this?

  2. And you shouldn’t limit your database to the Authorized Journalists® at the HTO, you need to start adding papers and television reporters from all across the state.

    And this has the potential to be a money-maker. Sell the complete database on cd for $32!

  3. Instead of calling it aheadquarters why not say enclave or compound both of which scares me to death.

  4. What even makes them “authorized?” The entrance requirements are extremely low, the licensing requirements are nil, and “press documents” easily obtained through The Journalist Workshop loophole…

  5. Keep up the great work that you all do.Really liked this article,keep giving them HELL.

  6. Gack.

    The first thing I thought of was FEDLIST.ZIP.

    I need to change my night table reading stack. No offense, Matt B.


  7. Thanks,for the list . This group of reporters sounds like a closed net society . They probably know whats best for us, probably better than we know ourselves?

  8. Perhaps they did me a favor. I am now safer in my home. The criminals who read the Herald Times, I presume only a criminal would read or a write for the Times, will recognize my address as having at least one permit carrying member in the household and stay away.

  9. only one nit to pick. You should have cross referenced their appearance or lack of same on the CCW permittee database.

  10. Did you know that printing presses in 1791 were run completely by hand? Wouldn’t the Founders feel a bit differently about these fully automatic “Assault” presses that can churn out thousands of broadsheets per hour?

    I’d personally call for common sense newspaper control to include limiting the number of newspaper vending boxes allowable on our streets and mandating a “reasonable” 50% post consumer waste content of their newsprint. {1}

    Furthermore, perhaps there ought to be licensing, regulation and a hefty tax on every transaction involving buying ink by the barrel. This wouldn’t violate any civil rights because reasonable (an inkwell’s worth) quantity of ink would still be available without paperwork or a waiting period.

    [1] both of these are culled from actual Pravda on the Potomac editorials, by the way


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