If I could get one back

Blast from the past: The one that got away.

It’s an old post, but it still rings true.  In my junior year of college, not long after I turned 21, I bought a Colt Trooper Mk III in .357 Magnum for the princely sum of $250.  It was a big, heavy piece of steel, but it had a great double action trigger and was shockingly accurate.  I wish to this day that I had never sold it, or at least waited longer before selling it.  Looking on Gunbroker, the average going price for a 4 inch blue Trooper in good condition is $500.  Apparently, my Trooper was a better investment than gold.


  1. Anything old Colt is worth it’s weight in gold now days… When a pair of GRIPS goes for more than a Python cost new, that says something. As an aside, at Tulsa I saw lots of S&W of all types for sale, but very few Colt Pythons, Diamondbacks or Anacondas (or for that matter Troopers). I don’t think any other than possibly one Trooper was under $1000 and most were $122-1500.

  2. Man, I have a Colt Trooper in .22lr that I bought *cough, cough* years ago at a gun shop for $175 and never shoot.

    Maybe I should troll it around the next 1500?

    Caleb, which gun shop in Lafayette did you buy your Colt Trooper?

  3. RamZ’s on Elmwood Avenue by the Scary Payless (which is now closed as they opened a brand new one on Greenbush)?

    Good place to shop for guns. RamZ’s has moved, off 26, much bigger digs.

    There is now another pawn shop in the old spot. Pawn shops are good places to shop for guns.

  4. I still have very gun I’ve ever bought or been given with one exception. A Universal M1 Carbine that jammed about every other round. after I got an Inland M1, I traded the Universal plus cash for an Enfield M1917.

  5. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard friends say, “I wish I’d never sold that gun.” A better investment than gold and more valuable too.

  6. I’ve sold hundreds of guns. I only regret a very few, and those not much. Easy come, easy go, and there are always more fish in the sea.

  7. Caleb,

    And FWIW, you know what I’m going to say about mixing your revolver brands: Pick Colt, Smith, or Ruger in a DA revolver and stick with it; you don’t want to blow a reload because your thumb’s confused.

  8. Scary Payless closed two years ago when Kroger built a new Payless where the old Menard’s on Greenbush was located.

    You would think with the economy all frazzled up that pawn shops would have more guns and better deals. Not so, or not so far.

  9. I have an old Colt that will never be sold while I am alive 😉 It is a Colt Python with a 33xx serial number and not a mark on it. Not even a ring around the cylinder.

  10. I knew she was going to say that! I would never use a Colt for a competition gun, because the friggin’ cylinder release is backwards. At least the Roogar and the S&W involve pushing a button, so it’s almost similar.

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