Terrorist vs. armed citizen

In today’s sports desk roundup, we found an interesting match several months ago from Israel, where a terrorist in a bulldozer attempted to crush/murder a bunch of civilians, and was shot 4 times by an Israeli taxi cab driver.  No one but the terrorist was killed.

The highlight reel!

  • Terrorist gets bulldozer/weapon
  • attacks cops and civilians
  • Armed civilian shoots him four times, critically wounding him
  • After armed citizen gets the party started, cops finish him off with M16s.
  • No good guys get killed.
  • Bad guy gets killed.

And that, my friends, is how you deal with scumbag terrorists.


  1. If you do some hunting, you’ll find there was a second case of this happening where a citizen shot a Palestinian terrorist who was using a bulldozer to try and kill people. Same thing, citizen started, police finished it.

    Also was a case in teh Golan awhile back where a teacher I believe shot a terrorist while her class was on an outing. There are plenty of these examples in Israel where the gov trusts their people with firearms.

    In fact, a good ~40% (just my estimate from visiting) of people are armed at any time, and that’s just those you can see. THere are so many police and military on duty (and off) going about their everyday lives with M16s and the like, it’s a pretty safe place. (also, who can resist girls in uniform sporting automatic weapons =)

  2. Israel has universal conscription, so the troll at SiH would call that military training. Breaking his troll rules.

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