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Sebastian has a fun little troll, who is trying to claim that CCW permit holders are responsible for 200 murders each year.  You know how he’s doing this?  By making up numbers.  It’s really quite cool, actually – just like MikeB’s magical “10%” of gunowners claim, it’s based on a total lack of understanding about how statistics actually work.

Of course, I’ve noticed that this is awfully common among anti-gun advocates.  If the facts don’t fit your narrative, that’s no problem, just make up new stuff and portray it as fact!  The problem being is that it actually works some of the time, specifically because it targets the general lack of knowledge of firearms, concealed carry, and gun rights issues that most folk are burdened with.  So when a guy like Mark says “I’m a reporter and here’s my research”, it’s really nothing other than him trying to leverage his perceived authority as a “reporter” to lend credence to an argument built on lies.

Which goes to one of my favorite drums to bang, namely that of “education”.  We win arguments like this not by engaging with people like Mark, but rather by educating the people he’s trying to persuade with his made up numbers.


  1. He totatlly ingnores the fact that over 4000 anti-gun types a year strangle perfect strangers with a parachute cord garote.

    That doesn’t even account for the number of grandma’s they smother with a pillow! The horror… the horror…

  2. And note that while he’s still dithering with you and others in the linked thread, the new entry where Sebastian calls in the air strike to blow his little bullshit canoe out of the water, he’s strangely silent.

    Also you’re 100% correct with the proper way to pull the wings off these trolls. Educate the masses, so when they attempt to pass off bullshit rather than all eyes being upon them and their dishonest agenda, but every mouth in the room wide with laughter at their foolish little antics.

    There are still people today who preach white supremacy, or flat-earth, or people who think that if they let their daughters read Harry Potter it will turn them into Satan-Worshiping Lesbians…or something like that.

    These people exist, and they will always exist, but the world knows they’re full of shit, so they never go very far.

  3. In the original thread, he’s now pulled my favorite Internet arguing technique: deny all evidence contrary to his opinion, then declare victory.

  4. Either way, it’s a non-argument, since no one except disarmers claim a government permission slip is a prerequisite of sainthood.

  5. Wow the deeper he gets the more willing he seems to be to make an abject ass out of himself.

    I mean ANYTHING but admit he’s wrong, right? Because that could be fatal and shit!

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