Gun Nuts Tonight: Chicago Gun Ban

Are you curious about the implications of the Chicago Gun Ban case heading to the Supreme Court?  Would you like a better understanding of how Chicago’s gun laws impact the nation, and my great state of Indiana?  Would you like to get some great knowledge from an expert on the political struggle for our right to keep and bear arms?  Then tune in to Gun Nuts Radio tonight at 9pm Eastern!  We’ll be joined by Ashley, a lobbyist for the National Rifle Association who will discuss the Chicago case, Indiana’s gun laws, and other gun law/gun control topics with us.

As always, the show airs at 9pm Eastern time at – if you have questions for myself or Ashley, call in to our listener line at 347-539-5436 when we open the line to callers.  Gun control and the political fight against it is the topic for tonight, and with recent events I believe that we’ll have plenty of topics for conversation on the show.  Don’t miss us at 9pm Eastern time at Gun Nuts Radio!

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  1. I met Ashley at the Chicago 2nd Amendment Symposium!: What a great conference! I got to meet Don Gwinn and Clayton Cramer among others.

    I’m working late, but I hope I can listen while I’m working.

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