AKs for $350!

Madness!  I just got my latest edition of the Century Arms catalog, and they’re running Romanian AKs for around $350-$375.  That seems to be the going price right now, as you can order them from AIM Surplus for about $379.  If you want to “go big” you can get a Hungarian side-folding stock AK for less that $400 from AIM.

I don’t own an AK, but for those prices it’s worth buying one.  Just don’t do anything to do, buy it, leave it stock, and shoot the wheels off it.


  1. I clicked your link and found a price of $399 and a “low stock warning.” Guess the word’s getting around!

  2. Now all we need are cases of 7.62×39 for $99, and every thing will be back to normal.

  3. Jeff Cooper wrote that everyone should have at least one firearm chambered in 7.62X39. His suggestion was a T/C Contender.

    With the prices of CKCs and AKs being so low, I would think picking one up would be wise.

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