Taurus 9mm 1911 available soon

At the 2009 SHOT SHOW, one of the pistols I was enamored with was Taurus 9mm 1911 pistol.  I like 1911s, I like 9mm, and I like not spending a boatload of money on a gun.  While some people don’t like Taurus guns, and perfectly entitled to that opinion, the Taurus semi-autos that I’ve owned have worked reliably.  Admittedly, I’ve never truly wrung one out for the course of 10-20,000 rounds, but they have worked.


That’s why there’s a part of me that’s very excited for when the Taurus 9mm 1911 hits shelves.  It’s cataloged in the Gun Genie at Gallery of Guns, but no units are in stock…yet.  Usually once they get in the Gun Genie, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be in your and my hands to take them out and shoot.

The Taurus 1911s are not perfect – don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re getting a custom shop 1911 or a high end “tricked out” gun.  You are however getting a gun with a forged steel frame and a forged steel slide – which will make an excellent platform for the inevitable customization that most 1911 shooters do.


  1. “You are however getting a gun with a forged steel frame and a forged steel slide – which will make an excellent platform for the inevitable customization that most 1911 shooters do.”

    Yep, dump the ambi-safety and the Full-length guide-rod, and swap out that football-bat hammer with the internal lock, maybe have a trigger job done and you’ll have a perfectly serviceable range gun, as well as an awesome platform for teaching new shooters to use a centerfire semi-auto.

    Those cocking serrations are pig-ugly tho! Then again this is the proud owner of two S&W “Billboard” 1911s. I have a lot of room to talk!

  2. That’s all right — it will take me a very, very long time to save up enough money!

  3. I have the original blued PT1911. Aside from some premature finish wear, it’s a hell of a gun for the money.

  4. Um, this gun, why? It seems pointless.

    If I want a carry gun other than my pocket .380, I’ll use a 9mm “plastic pistol” like my Springfield XD or a Glock; or I’ll carry a real 1911 with manly .45 ACP bullets.

    If I want to shoot a 1911 cheap, I’ll convert one to .22 LR.

    This is all the power of a Honda with the MPG of a Hummer.

  5. 9mm 1911s are pretty popular, actually. 9mm is more economical to shoot than .45 ACP, and many shooters prefer the ergonomics of the 1911 platform to those of the Glock, XD, etc. As such, if a shooter wants the affordability of a 9mm and the ergonomics of a 1911, this (as well as offerings from Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson, and ParaUSA) provide them with that solution.

    I was kind of “meh” on the concept of 9mm 1911s as well..until I started shooting one. Then I “got it”.

  6. I like the idea. Since Star is out of business and the last new Star BM was made in ’91 or ’92, this is a gun I would consider.
    The price and availability of parts and mags for the BM isn’t going to get any better.

  7. If they’re not going to do the checkering right, I wish they wouldn’t do it at all. It’s gonna cost money to clean that crap off the frontstrap. Fortunately, the frame is blocky enough that you should still have enough meat left for 30 lpi or some stippling…

  8. So, are they ever going to make the 1911 in .40, like they advertised years back when all their 1911’s were “coming soon”.

  9. 1911’s in 9mm are popular as competition guns, but there’s little use for them outside of that realm. They don’t have a great reputation for running. The only thing I’d recommend a Taurus for is typical range use: take it out a couple times a year, and shoot about 500 rounds through it in it’s lifetime. I saw one get noticeably loose within 400 rounds, and have sold a few, with customers coming back on a couple of them to say they were getting rid of them. If one is on your mind, buy what you want, but my experience with them has been such that I want no part of anything they make.

  10. The only consistent complaint I’ve heard about with this gun is that the Taurus grips are junk. Around the 200-400 round mark, the cheap plastic grips start to crack.

  11. Someone had probably tell all those people that bought the 9mm Para LTC and the original 9mm Commander that there’s no use for their guns outside of competition!

    As far as the Taurus gun goes, well, it’s a Taurus. People seem to think that they can pay $500-600 for a 1911 and are going to get a pimped out trick daddy gun.

  12. I have or have had just about every make semi-auto there is and still have plenty. I do have 3 Taurus pistols and they remain the only ones never requiring work or repair, shoot faantastic out of the box, and have a lifetime guarantee go figure

  13. I have aTaurus 1911 and havn’t had one problem in 1000 rounds. It shoots straight and is reliable. For 600 bucks its a good gun. Not a custom Kimber but a good gun.

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