1. +1, especially with the diminished lifespan of Hi-Points and other cheap potmetal guns.

    Spend a few more bucks and have a gun that will last generations.

  2. At the Indy 1500 gun show in October, police trade-in Glock M22s were going for $250 a pop.

    The dealer had them in a big glass case like puppies.

    Of course, police revolvers used to go for $150 to $250 10-15 years ago. That’s when I bought all those Ruger revolvers (for $150) that you have shot.

  3. What happened to “any gun is better than nothing”?

    I wouldn’t recommend a Hi-Point but if that is all you can afford, then it’s all you can afford.

  4. My problem is in the last line there, the “if it’s all you can afford” portion of the event. The point of my post was that if you can afford a Hi Point, you can actually afford to get a much better gun. You can get a police trade in Glock for $300, or a used Sig P6 for about the same.

    There are plenty of options for getting a reliable, accurate defensive firearm that don’t involve a wretched gun with a zinc slide.

  5. For half the price of a used police trade you can have a brand new reliable, accurate defensive firearm that includes a transferable lifetime warranty. The only handgun I own is a 9mm Hi-Point. Its all I could afford. I’ve never had any issues with it and it’s fired every round I’ve feed it.

  6. And how many rounds is that, Chad? 100? 500? Yes, it’s half the price of a police trade in, but instead of blowing that $180 on a cheap gun made of cheaper metal, save up for another couple of weeks and buy a decent defensive pistol.

    “Lifetime warranty” is relatively meaningless term. All it means is “our guns are so cheap we can just send you a new one when yours eventually breaks”. And break it will, because if a Hi Point pistol ever made it past 10,000 rounds, I’d die of shock.

  7. I’m really just looking for an excuse to post the joke: People who carry .25 autos should not throw stones. . . er wait, maybe they should throw stones.

  8. And how many rounds is that, Chad? 100? 500?

    Actually, since most are blowback designed, they’re not as fragile as most folks think. I’m not advocating ’em, but the newer ones do tend to work as advertised… Even for a few K rounds.

    There are a lot of threads discussing their issues.

  9. I no longer allow Hi-Point pistols in my class. They malfunction so much I can hardly divide my attention among students.

    That being said, not everyone can go out and spend $800 on a handgun. The Kel Tec’s are more, but much better firearms.

  10. Police trade-in’s are great, and Mark at Summit is a great guy to deal with.

    IIRC 5 of my 6 Sigs are police trade-ins or police surplus.

  11. I would not buy any of Hi Points Handguns
    but I do like their Carbines that is the only thing I would buy from theme and you can always change the parts and modife it.

  12. yeah, check it out.. I had a keltec 9mm that was very inaccurate and never hit what I was aiming for, but when I decided to trade it in for 2 hi point 9mm’s, it was not a dumb decision. The hi points were used and I never had a single bullet jam up on me, and it was very accurate in comparison to the kel tec 9mm. If you can remember correctly, ruger was at one time a “cheap” gun, bnecause it hadn’t made a name for itself yet. and yes, beleive it or not, I dumped well over 10k rounds threw it, and never cleaned it before that. dont buy or like the guns because they’re new, go buy yourslef a cobra. (which I once had a brand new cobra .380 right out of the box and plastic and it jammed twice on the very first cliup

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