It's like raaaaiiiiiinn

These were the conditions that shooters faced on Friday at the IDPA State Championship match.  Knowing that, I’m almost okay with finishing 3rd instead of winning outright.

2009 State Match-1

2009 State Match-2

Pictures by Jere Wilmering – he was on one of the squads we ran on Friday, full of guys that were very good sports about the rain and the many technical difficulties that it caused.  Soggy targets, plastic bags, and raindrops on your front sight make for an interesting and challenging match.

Indiana IDPA – we shoot in the rain, because you fight like you train!


  1. You should put forward a proposal to rotate the championships by seasons…do next year’s in the dead of winter (late Jan – early Feb), so everyone’s wearing bulky jackets, heavy gloves, etc.

    And for the summer one, have a stage that starts in swimwear and flip flops. 🙂

  2. Caleb it is guys likee you that allow guys (nuts) like me to enhance our skills and enjoy this sport. Much thanks to you and Jeff, and the rest of the S.O.s for working in six hours of steady rain on Friday.

    Your dedication makes this sport GREAT.

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