1. “Hornady to team up with Starbucks to develop a ballistic-capped cup which will give a reliable, controlled peel-off on contact, without complete separation, giving a minimum consistent 1.5x expansion for a combination of adequate penetration and improved wound channel…”

  2. Gangbanger: I’mma gonna cap some suckas

    Caleb: I’mma gonna cup you, sucka

    Great Moments in Colloquial English, Revised Edition


  3. Hey, you guys can go play with Jello, but the FBI has more stringent requirements, including glass penetration. If the cup is going to make it through a windshield, it needs more mass, and that requires heavier materials like ceramic or steel. Plastic toys are not the equivalent of coffee mugs, and it doesn’t matter because there’s no reason to replace something that was already perfect. Anyway, the grip angle is better on a mug handle.

  4. Thank God I don’t drink the stuff. With you folks pushing this kind of info on the net the great state of Massachusetts will be making us get a license to drink coffie soon. . . .

    way to go. . . .

    I wonder if they will come up with an approved coffie roster for the state. . . .

  5. Remember, only use commercial coffee in your cup.

    If you refill the cup with your own more lethal/higher sectional density brew, you may face prosecution or civil action if forced to use it in defense.

    Decaf for range use only, of course.

  6. Yet again, though, the Marshall statistics will incorrectly reflect the efficacy of these new self-defense rounds.

    Well-trained coffee shooters know to always double tap (or at least have the barrista put in an extra shot of espresso) their assailants, which eliminates the round that they use from considerations for Evan Marshall’s list of one-shot stops.

  7. I prefer the coffee that was brewed like John Moses Browning would have brewed it (steel kettle & perked!) rather than the new-fangled brew methods (plastic baskets & vacuum brewed).

    Hey, if it worked for 100 years, why mess with it?

    I used to know a gunsmith who had an institutional coffee maker in his shop, next to the bullet trap. Coffee
    from there always had a cordite node to it. Could this be the consequence?

  9. 100-years ago everybody drank beautiful Arabica and the Folger’s robusta was left for hog-feed.

    But what’s the Stopping Power? Does it make major?

  10. “… If the cup is going to make it through a windshield, it needs more mass,…”

    So; we add mass by making the cup out of lead. We add velocity by using chemical propellants, put it all together in a metallic case with an impact sensitive initiator and launch it through a tube, with spiral grooves to spin-stabilize the cup.

  11. This debate has gone on for years. It should be stated that its all about shot placement 😉

  12. How does temperature effect penetration? What about iced coffee with cubes? Or the frozen blended drinks? This study is incomplete.

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