Indiana IDPA State Championship 2009

That’s right, the IDPA State Championship starts just two days from now, with the first round of shooters kicking things off on Friday the 30th, with the match concluding on Saturday, October 31st. Right now, the weather looks like it’s going to be a factor for all of our shooters, with rain in the forecast for both Friday and Saturday; however as these things go during the fall in Indiana, the forecast changes every five minutes.

Even with rain in the forecast, the match staff is ready for that – we’ll bag the targets to keep them dry, and then we keep shooting! Remember, the “D” in IDPA stands for “Defensive”, and what point is a “defensive” pistol game if you don’t shoot in the rain? Of course, it also might not rain – who knows? All I know is that we’ve got almost 120 shooters on the books for the match, a great prize table including prizes from ParaUSA, and we have 19 challenging courses of fire as of right now.   Check out the stages for this year’s match!

If you’ve never shot IDPA, or are interested in what the action shooting games are all about, come out on Saturday to watch! While the weather may not be spectator friendly, there are few better ways to get a feel for the Spirit of IDPA than to watch a few stages at a Major match – everything from Speed shoots to an 18 round standards course will give you an idea of “the best” of IDPA.

Which reminds me, I need to practice reloading my 625 – gotta get faster!


  1. Is the match location a n Indiana state secret?

    Why don’t the promoters of gun games ever tell us where these events are? Always frustrating to me.

  2. Aha! Objection, bias! : – )

    It’s really frustrating as someone who does not attend gun games to hear about cowboy shoots, highpower matches, inter alia and then the promoters never tell you where.

    Maybe they assume you know?

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