Gun Nuts Radio: Zoot Shoot and Self Defense

Last night’s show was a multi-topic show, covering both the Zoot Shooters and the all-important topic of self defense.  One of the neat things about the Zoot Shooters is that it’s incredibly newbie friendly – in fact, according to Henning and Jason the whole idea behind the game is to attract new blood to the shooting sports…and to have fun, of course.  Check out the interviews with Henning and Jason.  We then moved on to the subject of self-defense, which was brought about by my desire to be open about my recent encounter with violent crime.  Click here to download last night’s show, or click this link to get an .mp3 copy!

Thank you to everyone that called in to last night’s show, from Henning and Jason to all the callers who shared their self-defense experiences or had questions about mine.  I continually find myself overwhelmed by just how awesome the shooting community is, and stuff like this only reinforces that.

Next week on Gun Nuts, we’ll be joined by Kathy Jackson, author of Lessons from an Armed America, my editor as US Concealed Carry Magazine, and author of the Cornered Cat website!  Don’t miss next week’s Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern!

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