1. Hell, I’d be happy to go back to pre-86. And I’d even be happy to pay the $200 on the spot instead of waiting around for 3-6 months. Basically, if you pass NICS, you’re eventually gonna get your stamp – there is no need for the process.

  2. Now that any new firearms purchase requires a background check and whatnot, I see no reason why the Hughes Amendment can’t be repealed and civilians can be permitted to purchase new full-auto firearms.

    I wonder if any of the legal eagles on our side are re-examining that right now, in light of Heller.

  3. Caleb, if you lived in a no-carry state like some of us, you’d think differently.

  4. I would love a SBR and a SBS who am i kidding i’ll take several of each item covered under the NFA.

  5. I still want to know how the various “sporting purposes” laws and regs fare in a world where the 2A is an individual right not associated with military service…

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