I'm confused

The Brady Campaign tells me that our gun laws in the United States  make the country an “arms bazaar” for terrorists.  I’m told time and again that people are smuggling automatic weapons from the US into Mexico.  Some diploma-mill doctorate tells me that US gun shows are a hotbed of illegal traffic in firearms.

And yet, with all of that, why is that when we actually enforce the laws on the books, it prevents terrorists from getting automatic weapons?  You have to read well into the story to find that out, so here’s the “cut to the chase” version:

  1. Badguys want to buy automatic weapons to go on shooting spree
  2. They can’t, because automatic weapons are effectively illegal in the US
  3. The don’t go on shooting spree, and instead pick another cockamamie plan which lands them in jail.
  4. The Good Guys Win.

The point here isn’t however to think that this was a “victory for sensible gun laws”, which is what the Brady Campaign will tout it as, but rather this was a victory for effective police work and investigation.  The ban and registry on machine guns has been in place since 1934…well before the Brady Bunch started calling for more gun laws.  What happened here was a textbook example of what pro-gun activists are always calling for, namely good law enforcement and enforcing the laws on our books already.

It’s almost like the Brady Campaign is lying about everything, but that can’t be true because the man on TV told me that GUNS R BAD.


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