We walk among you

I had this exact conversation with a guy in the checkout line at Super Target yesterday.  To set the table, I was wearing my Gunsite hat, which to most people is a hat with a bird on it, but to some people it’s like a secret handshake.

Other Dude: “Nice hat.”

Me: “Thanks.”

OD: “What did you take there, a 250?” (250 is the course number for Gunsite’s excellent fighting pistol class – ed)

Me: “Nope, took a carbine class.  How about you?”

OD: “Shotgun, actually.”

Me: “That’s cool.”

At this juncture, we stopped for a second as I had to say something to the cashier.

Me: “So are you…”

OD: (while smiling) “Yeah, a G17.  How about you?”

Me: “1911.”

OD: “Fanboy.”

Me: “Like God intended.”

We shook hands and parted ways as I finished paying for my yogurt and sausage patties or whatever it was that I bought yesterday.  What made that neat was that to an outside observer, it was just two yuppies in Super Target talking about whatever, a conversation as innocuous as the weather.  This is why I love our culture, our sport – for the most part, we’re just good old fashioned nice guys.


  1. Around here where there is exactly ZERO public land to shoot when somebody sees any gunnie garb the question is “What club you belong to?”

    and I’m surprised in Eastern Mass how often I get asked.

    Never been asked about my carry piece, but then again this IS Eastern Mass….

    Oh BTW was it a REAL 1911, or a donked up DAO “1911”?

  2. Also A Glock Packer calling a 1911 packer a “Fanboy”,

    Tenifer meet Nitron! (Or I’m sure somebody can come up with a better black gun finish analogy)

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