Remington ACR coming in 2010

According to Adam Heggenstaller of Shooting Illustrated who is at Remington’s new products meeting in Texas, the Remington ACR for civilians is scheduled to be hitting shelves in “the first half of 2010.”

The ACR, or Adaptive Combat Rifle, has been an ongoing collaboration involving Bushmaster, Magpul and Remington for the past two years. A quick rundown of features includes: a two-position (suppressed and non-suppressed), short-stroke, gas-piston system of operation; modular, interchangeable bolt heads, barrels, magazines, buttstocks (one of which is a six-position side-folder) and handguards; an aluminum upper receiver and a polymer lower receiver; a cold hammer-forged, free-floating barrel; and ambidexterous controls. In short, it’s innovative and badass.

Very cool. He has pictures up at the link as well of the ACR wearing a Trijicon sight and Magpul’s MBUS plastic sights.


  1. *snicker*

    We gun nuts have been left at the altar many, many times. Remember everyone is lying in the gun business.

    Only when I have the product in my hands will I believe anyone in the gun industry, but not until then. In Louisville May 2008 we were told 4th Q of 2008, 1 Q of 2009 at the latest.

    Remember, I heard all about the XGI from the lips of Bill Ruger; it was even in the catalogue for ’84.

    Never forget (that they are lying).

  2. Correction, at the link the rifle has Troy/LaRue backup iron sights, not the Magpul MBUS.

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