Really, HK?

HK is suing American Tactical Imports, the company that imports the GSG-5 because HK doesn’t like that the GSG-5 is a .22 LR lookalike to their MP-5.

ATI and GSG have made piles of cash off this gun, as apparently the US market had a near insatiable lust for cool looking .22s; which is borne out by the number of “tactical .22s” on dealer shelves. Despite the fact that HK makes laser accurate handguns and has an endless legion of fans that will buy their guns, they apparently feel the need to go after someone for making a clone of their MP-5.

Well, luckily I have a solution for HK that would solve the problem and avoid all this messy business with the courts. It’s simple, so HK reps listen up: Sell a semi-automatic MP-5 to non-military/LE buyers. Make a carbine version with a fake can and a 16 inch barrel, and an SBR version with the standard barrel. Sell these guns for around $1000 and I would bet my last dollar that you would make a KILLING. I’d buy a fixed stock MP-5 SBR model in a heartbeat, tax stamp be damned.

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that HK would never go for my elegant solution, because they really just don’t like the consumer market.


  1. Even more odd is that they recently opened a US facility. So, they could make stuff here and bypass the stupid import laws.

    But they won’t.

    And if they made a 22LR MP5, it would cost $800, wouldn’t be compatiable with MP5 accessories, and mags would go for $150 each.

  2. Oddly enough, being able to own a civilian MP5 would actually make me get into the 9mm thing.
    Of course, it will never happen, so I have no worries.

  3. But hey are H&K and they hate you! No mater how many times they are proven wrong, i.e. 22 mp5’s will not sell, or you cant make a mp5 in 45acp! they still hate you and dont want to sell to you.

  4. FWIW, the decision to pursue legal action against the GSG-5 folks (and other clone makers) was based on intellectual property laws. If HK doesn’t defend its intellectual property, it loses its rights to that property. The only thing unusual about this case is that it took HK so long to do it.

    Plenty of gun companies have been suing Airsoft makers for doing similar things.

  5. Todd, I get what they’re doing from a legal sense, and I even understand the rationale behind it. I don’t necessarily agree with it from a consumer standpoint though, because I’d personally like to see quality knock-offs of HKs guns on the US market. If HK won’t sell me a semi-auto SBR MP5, I want someone to make one and sell it to me.

  6. Caleb – HK is partnering with Umarex to release .22-cal versions of the 416, MP7, etc. at SHOT in January. I’m sitting on a plane so can’t give more details now. Sorry.

  7. Yeah, I had heard about those. I’m most excited about the MP-7 one just so I can run around like a real seekrit squirrel. I’m not excited that they’re being made by Umarex, as I’ve been less than impressed by the Umarex/Colt M4 in .22 LR.

    I’m just hoping they price them affordably and that the guns work when they get to consumers.

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