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The AK47 sucks.  The AK47 is of no mechanical significance to me, there is nothing special or cool about it as a design, it wasn’t groundbreaking.  The only reason the AK47 is cool is because you can bury the thing in dirt for 25 years, pull it out, pour motor oil all over it and it will go bang.  It’s a great gun to give to illiterate conscript armies who don’t really know the first thing about warfare.” – Gun Nuts Radio: Top 5 Rifles of all time show


  1. The quote is the prime reason why everyone should have one and a couple of thousand rounds for it—buried somewhere in case of need.

  2. While the function and design of the AK were not revolutionary and they are not master pieces, they are just about indestructible and they have changed the world.

  3. The fact that you can bury it it the dirt for 25 years and dig it up and it still works is what make it cool.It like the original Willys jeep crude simple an basic but it last forever works almost any conditions and and if it does break it is cheap and easy to work on.I would whole lot rather have in battle conditions a rifle the will hit a 24 inch target at 100 yards but will fire all day everyday in the worst conditions with little or no maintenance.Than a rifle that will hit a 12 inch target a 300 yards but I have to completely break down and clean everyday or every few hundred rounds which ever comes first. I like the ARs but I recolonize their limitations.

  4. The real sad thing about the AK is that people think it’s a better manstopper than the 5.56 guns because it shoots a bigger caliber bullet. It isn’t. The original 123 grain 7.62x39mm is notorious for through and throughs. It doesn’t tumble. It doesn’t break up and fragment. It puts a .30 hole through people with a additional narrow wound track. It’s not a good lethality round at all compared to most of the 5.56 rounds which will reliably tumble and fragment at reasonable contact ranges.

  5. The thing I don’t like about AKs is that every one I have looked at, even the $1K Arsenal rifles, has the rear sight canted to the left about 10 degrees.

    Is it just because they’re all built by drunk commies who don’t give a crap?

  6. I shot an AK once. That was enough, until the zombie apocalypse starts or the Wolverines are reactivated.

  7. Because its about the AK ill let it slide.. but if it was about the Glock i’d have to burn this mofo down! (harold and kumar whitecastle reference) haha 😛

  8. “they have changed the world.”

    Only because they were crapped out by the millions and given to every wannabee thug-rebel in the third world. If the Commies had done that with the SKS instead, we all be talking about how “great” the SKS is. Now, the AK is a “good enough” gun, but as it stands, the SKS is the Rodney Dangerfield of rifles. It gets no respect, at least not the amount it deserves

    When you stop to think about it, there is nothing a non-NFA* AK can do that a SKS can’t do for less money, and sometimes the SKS does it better.

    *The SKS was originally designed to be select fire and fed with detachable box magazines.

  9. Actually the 7.62mm diameter bullet of the M43 round, like all spitzer bullets will tumble in flesh. Flesh is over 1000 times as dense as air, and rounds spin stabilized in air will be very unlikely to be stable in flesh with nose end first. However, it will be stable in flesh with the heavy tail end first.

    Unlike the M193 or M855 round used in the M-16 or M-4, the M43 does not fragment. The M193 and M855 rounds have a cannelure which acts as a weak point in the jacket. As the round turns sideways (or pitches up, or pitches down) there is a big bending force in the jacket, and at terminal velocity faster than 2500 feet per second the jacket tears, and the round then fragments.

  10. “Actually the 7.62mm diameter bullet of the M43 round, like all spitzer bullets will tumble in flesh”

    Dr. Fackler disagrees
    “wounds from the M43 round were comparable to that of a small handgun round using non-expanding bullets”

    There is also a report on bullet effect on arf.com, etc.

    However, Czech ammo was IIRC, very good.

  11. funny, all the radio shows and “reports” in the world don’t mean squat compared to real-world experiences. such experiences show the ak47 is boring in its reliability while the m-16a4 and m4/m4a1 require constant maintenance to achieve less-than-stellar reliability.

    ar15 on a top 5 list? maybe on a top 5 unreliable list.

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