Gun Nuts: Top 5 All-time rifles

Check out last night’s Gun Nuts Radio for our Top 5 Rifle lists, both mine and Breda’s.  We took a different approach to the list, hers being rifles that she had experience, and mine being rifles (and one musket) that I felt had significantly influenced both the shooting community and/or history.  We also briefly touched on the whole Open Carry drama, and in that also found a fitting way to memorialize our friend, Meleanie Hain.  Click here to download last night’s great episode!  You can also get the show in a portable .mp3 format!

And because I know you’re going to ask, here’s my personal top five list of the greatest rifles, the most significant rifles:

  1. The M1 Garand
  2. The Ruger 10/22
  3. The AR-15 family
  4. The ’98 Mauser family
  5. The Brown Bess Musket

Of course, if you want to hear my rationale behind each pick, you’ll need to download last night’s show and give it a listen!  Also included in last night’s show is the reasoning as to why the Kalashnikov series of rifles are not included on that list.  But you have to listen to the show to find out, so click the links and head over!

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Next week’s Gun Nuts is going to be all about costumed shooting – that’s right, Cowboy Action shooting and the Zoot Shooters will be our topic of discussion!  Don’t miss out next week at 9pm Eastern at!


  1. Isn’t “Brown Bess Musket” a musket, not a rifle? Did you mean most significant long arms?

  2. Yes, it is a musket, but it’s significant enough that I felt like including on a list of rifles, because that musket influenced the course of military rifle development.

  3. It’s a good list. I think it’s tough to do a top 5 list because it’s hard to limit it to only 5. The Garand is a no-brainer, given how important it was in WWII, and also in its influence of the M14 and Ruger Mini-14. I think the Brown Bess is a unexpected but very good call, since it was so influential in the British Empire, which pretty much shaped the world at that time. I think for that specific reason if I were to add a sixth gun, it would probably be the Lee-Enfield.

  4. Woo hoo! I own two of those (Garand and 10/22) and am ready to pull the trigger (sorry about the pun) on an AR

  5. Bah. Too US-centric. Where’s the AK-47?
    Changed the face of warfare, though it wasn’t the first assault rifle…

    The only rifle that currently graces certain flags..

  6. In reference to your Styer Aug comment on your show.. The Australian Defense Force has been using the AUG since 1989. So we can be sure at lease a few people have been shot with it.

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