Gun Nuts Tonight: Top 5 Rifles

That’s right, tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio is guaranteed to stir up some emotion as Breda and I discuss the top 5 rifle designs of all time.  She’ll have her list, and I’ll have my own list, and I promise between the two of us that we’ll manage to somehow upset every.single.rifle.fanboy on the planet.  It should be a great show, and great fun, so join us tonight live at 9pm Eastern time at!  As usual, we welcome callers to the show at 347-539-5436, especially to comment/rant about how awesome/wrong my list of the top 5 rifles is.

We’ll also be covering some recent news events that have rocked the 2nd Amendment community, as well as the usual banter between host and co-host!  That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time – Gun Nuts Radio, the leader in online shooting sports radio!


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