Controversy indeed

Tam sums up the latest brouhaha on Open Carry.  I have written repeatedly about open carry several times, and a search of the archives going back the two years I’ve been doing this will show a gradual evolution of my opinion.

As things are right now: I love open carry.  I would open carry all the time, for no other reason that it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable to open carry than to conceal a gun.  I open carry around my yard and stuff, but if I’m going to Kroger to pick up beer and brauts, then I’m going to throw a jacket on over the gun because I have no desire to take an oral sample of the blacktop in the Kroger parking lot courtesy of the Fishers PD.


  1. I think you’re missing the big picture. First, OC increases awareness. More importantly, think of the shooty goodness you can buy after the lawsuit. Dan Moore has been doing pretty well here in Norfolk because the Norfolk Police can’t grasp that, not only is OC legal, but “teh blacks” can do it too.

  2. No, really – if people want to OC, I say knock yourselves out. But if I’m stopping at Kroger or wherever after work to buy beer and bratwurst, I don’t have time to deal with the cops or something like that.

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