Shooter's Lament

There are no good indoor ranges in the Indy/Metro area. Usually, that is why after the two state championships in October (Steel Challenge & IDPA) November-February constitutes the “off-season” for me in competitive shooting. Those four months are a long four months of dry-fire practice, and occasionally risking life and limb at Popguns just to make sure that I still remember the fundamentals of sight picture and trigger control.

Of course, I also wonder if the indoor range at Wyatt’s near Noblesville is open yet, because if so that would present a closer and more appealing option that going down to Popguns.

The off season does present some good opportunities to get guns worked on. Once the state matches are wrapped, i’m going to send my 625 to the guys at Coal Creek in Tennessee for a tune up and modification. Of course, that’s assuming I don’t pitch it into the Whit River after the state match!


  1. Man…

    All we’ve got, really, is indoor shooting up here near ChiTown.

    I’m thinking more and more that the 30 minute trip to Pine Tree Pistol Club in Rockford, IL is going to be a better use of my time and $$…

  2. Bullseye in Kokomo is just a spell farther than ACC is in nicer weather… and you can even run .223 there!

  3. You could visit Lafayette and shoot indoors here. Maybe visit a poor lonely bachelor. *sniff*

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