Let me get this straight

Mayor Bloomberg of New York City send “investigators” to other states to engage in illegal activities in other jurisdictions as some kind of publicity stunt to further his aims of shutting down gun shows.

So…a sitting US Mayor basically compelled his employees to break the law?  Isn’t that illegal?  I mean honestly, if your employer said “hey, you have to go break the law for me” I’m pretty sure that’s all sorts of workplace violations right there.

In all seriousness though, I have a hard time taking stunts like this seriously.  NRA had a press release this morning about it, which said roughly that Bloomberg isn’t interested in stopping crime, he’s interested in media attention.  I believe that they hit the nail on the head – if he was interested in cracking down on crime, he’d have used all those investigators and the money spent on plane tickets, lodging, etc to actually catch some of New York City’s criminals instead of compelling his employees to break the law.


  1. I voted against this mope twice before I moved out of NYC. Sorry it didn’t work.

    There’s several million poor folks living in NYC, and he’s desparately trying to ensure he survives to the end of his term. If he can keep them unarmed, then the NYPD can gas and beat any sized protest with impunity. If not, he can see his body, along with the entire City Council, hanging from the Brooklyn Bridge’s lower deck.

  2. All it would take would be for one state to bring indictments against all the individuals involved. Then all these “investigators” would no longer be eligible to carry weapons, and I’m assuming that their careers depend on it.

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