It's good to be back

After a week of rough work in the Arizona desert at Gunsite, I’m finally back in Indianapolis.  I’d like to thank pdb, JayG, and of course Breda for minding the store while I was out – pdb put up some great posts over the week, and Breda and JayG did a great episode of Gun Nuts Radio.  Actually, that episode of Gun Nuts Radio was so good that it makes me want to take more time off to go around the country shooting at stuff!  😉

I have a boatload of pictures and posts forthcoming from the event at Gunsite, so make sure you check back through the week as I sort through the loads of material I have.  Also this week, I should have some big news about the upcoming Gun Nuts Charity Auction, proceeds to benefit Honored American Veterans Afield.

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  1. Caleb,

    The pleasure was all mine. It’s remarkably intense trying to keep everything rolling along (which Breda does incredibly well; I was merely along for the ride); I gained a new appreciation for the enthusiasm you display on a regular basis.

    Any time you want to jet off and need someone to fill in, I’m your huckleberry…

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