Another day, another airplane

Getting ready to head out from the hotel in Arizona for the 2 hour drive to the Phoenix airport. I’ve had a great week, made some good contacts, and taken a whole mess of photos. Once I get back to the office and can sort through all the data, expect a major set of posts.

A couple of items that people asked about: we didn’t do any shooting with the Magpul MBUS plastic sights. Yesterday though I shot the M&P-22 about 300-400 times, and that was not wearing an optic, just the Magpul sights. Sadly, I didn’t drop the rifle to see if they held zero, however I was impresses with the sight picture and ease of aquisition. Plus, that gun is downright FUN. As far as an AR trainer goes, don’t waste your time on the Colt gun – get this rifle instead.

More later!

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