Gun Nuts Radio: Gun Culture

Did you miss last night’s Gun Nuts Radio? If you did, you miss a hell of a show. Breda and now semi-official guest co-host JayG had a great show on what “gun culture” means to us as gun owners. If you missed it, check out it here on download. If you’re interested, you can also get a portable version by clicking here for a handy .mp3 format of the show.

You know, “gun culture” is an interesting thing. Here at Gunsite, I’m probably as deep in the “gun culture” as one can be. Daily discussion revolves around the use, care, maintenance, and utility of firearms. Openly worn pistols are not a reason for consternation, but rather a common, accepted sight. In fact, if you’re not openly wearing a pistol here, you’re the weirdo.

Our gun culture in America is a great thing – firearms owners tend to be individuals that still believe in the concepts of liberty, and ultimately that’s what makes our culture great. Check out Gun Nuts Radio’s show on our gun culture. If you’d like to check out the show on iTunes, you can subscribe by going to the iTunes store and searching for “Gun Nuts Radio”, or by following these instructions to subscribe to our RSS feed.

Don’t forget to tune in next week – we’ll have some great product reviews and other coverage coming to you live on the air!

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  1. Semi-official? W00t! A promotion (and yet, no linky love…) 😉

    Caleb, I had a blast. Any time you want to jet off to some killer training course I’ll be happy to help out.

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