Like a band of gypsies we go down that highway

Hitting the road again for another travel day – thanks to my iPhone though I’ll be able to actually put up real content during the trip, as long as I’m not at 36,000 feet.  I’m heading off to Gunsite this week, courtesy of Smith & Wesson to shoot their new S&W MP-15 MOE rifle, which is one of their AR platform rifles equipped with extras from Magpul.  While I’m officially representing Outdoor Life on this trip, I’ll also be representing Gun Nuts Radio, and I haven’t forgotten about you guys.  I’ll get as many pics and as many posts up as possible over the next five days.

In the meantime, I’ve also brought on a guest blogger to help lighten the load.  While I’m not sure how I feel about his origin, being from Canada and all, pdb has agreed to produce some content while I’m alternating between sweating and freezing at 5000 feet in Arizona.


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