Nemesis Arms .308 Windrunner

My Dad pointed this rifle out from an ad in a recent issue of an LE magazine he gets: The Nemesis Arms Windrunner.  It’s about as “bare bones” in appearance as you can get, and appears to be a .308 AR lower mated up to a bolt action upper with a skeleton style stock kit.  I am 100% in favor of this gun for two reasons: 1) I like cool looking guns, and 2) I like modular rifle platforms.



  1. What’s the weight?

    The problem with “sniper rifles” today is that they need to be wheeled about instead of carried.

    I always like it in class when we have to hold on a target and you can hear the grunting and straining from the 117 pound “rifles” that guys bring.

  2. The windrunner is 11 lbs(!).

    But I just don’t get WTF weighs so much on this thing – I mean it is pretty bare bones and skeletonized… It’s only 3 lbs lighter than an m40.

    I mean, Tikka can build a .308 that weights ~8 lbs…

  3. Eleven pounds?

    I like the look of it, but jeez, it looks like it weighs around 6-7 lbs.

    Gotta carry an oven mitt with it to avoid burns.

    Want one anyway!

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