Don't be that guy

Uncle posted this video earlier yesterday, and I’m still sort of in shock about the whole thing.  I mean, talk about a multitude of sins.

  1. Bumpfiring
  2. Beer and guns
  3. Shooting glass targets on the range
  4. Destroying range property
  5. muzzle violations everywhere
  6. Some more muzzle violations
  7. Pointing guns at people
  8. shooting at people!

Now, I don’t want the idiots in said video to get hurt, I really don’t.  That’s actually why I’m posting this.  Well that and because I believe that as a shooting community it’s incumbent upon us to police the bad behavior in our to insure that people do not think that people like that are the norm or even representative of the shooting sports.

As a personal aside, I really hate it when people shoot glass bottles on a range.  Ask anyone who has ever volunteered or worked at an outdoor range about it.  I come to Atlanta Conservation Club almost every weekend either to shoot a match, run a match, or practice for a match; on match days I find myself checking each bay for broken glass or other destroyed targets.

Seriously guys – don’t be that guy.  Don’t encourage this kind of behavior, and most importantly if you’re in any kind of authority position at a range and see this going on, put a stop to it immediately if not sooner.


  1. I agree with everything you said – except #1.

    I’m not sure I see an issue (save for wasting ammo) with bump firing as long as all the other safety rules are followed.

  2. Bumpfiring drops into my category of “dumb” because it’s basically uncontrolled rapid fire. When done at a range like that, you could launch a bullet over the backstop pretty easily.

  3. OK, I think we agree…

    As long as the other safety rules are followed (be sure of your target, backstop, and what’s behind it).

    To me, ammo is to expensive to just mag dump. 🙂

  4. The last two times I’ve been to a PA rifle/pistol range, I’ve seen idiots like these people. That particular range they only have 50 and 100 yard berms and people are regularly standing 25 yards down range to shoot at 50 yard targets. At least on the second time, a bunch of the yokels doing rapid fire got busted for a range safety violation.

  5. Can we add #7, no eye protection to the list of bad ideas shown? And if the stupid on display isn’t painful enough, the gansta rap they set it to just adds to the pain. It’s not even noon yet and already I want some bourbon in my coffee now.

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