Gun Nuts Radio: Show and Tell time

Yes, last night’s Gun Nuts Radio included discussion on popular TV shows, such as NCIS, Castle, etc – but the real focus of the show was a discussion on negligent discharges, the least favorite phrase of any serious shooter. We even took it so far as to do an informative “show and tell” section on how to unload and show clear both a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol of the 1911-type. While that segment works best with the video, the audio should be quite instructive as well for any new shooters. That particular segment of last night’s Gun Nuts Radio was definitely designed with new and inexperienced shooters in mind; but at the same time could also be used as a handy refresher for a veteran shooter. If you’d like to download last night’s episode, click here. For the same show in handy, portable .mp3 format click the link.

For next week’s show, I’ll be on the road again in Arizona attending a 3 day carbine class at Gunsite. Breda and a surprise guest host will be hosting, so make sure you tune in.

As always, Gun Nuts Radio is available on iTunes, just head to the iTunes store and search for “Gun Nuts Radio” or click this link for instructions. I also encourage everyone to check out our featured “Book of the Week” – this week’s selection is March to the Stars by David Weber and John Ringo. If you’ve not noticed, I’ve been bingeing on sci-fi novels lately.

Don’t forget to come back next week, and also make sure you tell a friend about Gun Nuts Radio! Our most effective marketing is word of mouth, so pass the word!


  1. Good show, I tuned in last night. How do we get to the video stream?

    Also, if you’re on a sf kick, Neal Asher’s Polity novels are cracking good reads.


  2. One correction on Mark Harmon and Pauley Perrette being close to the same age.While she is older than I thought (40) she is still 18 years younger the Mark Harmon so he is still(barely) old enough to be her father

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