Gun Nuts and Gunsite

If you heard last night’s Gun Nuts Radioyou now know that I’ll be heading to Gunsite next week for a 3 day carbine class. This is a great opportunity for Gun Nuts Radio, as I’ll be in attendance at a class sponsored by Smith & Wesson, where the other attendees will be some of the top gun writers and producers of mainstream shooting sports media.

A great big thank you for this goes to John Snow, my editor at Outdoor Life. Officially, I’ll be attending on behalf of Outdoor Life as John’s representative, and I’d like to again thank him for thinking of me when S&W made the offer to him. I’ll also have a great opportunity to represent new media to quite a few writers and editors in the shooting community.

The other thing I’ll be needing for next week is a guest blogger to produce some content for Gun Nuts in my absence. If you’re interested in writing for Gun Nuts Media for a week or so, please send me an email, as you can find my email address listed under the “Contact” section of the website.


  1. Caleb,

    I’d be happy to step in for a week. I don’t usually post as often as you, but I can step it up for a week.

    Let me know, brother.

    Best regards,


  2. Take sunscreen, and stay hydrated. Paulden will be hotter and drier than you’d expect in late September.

    And take extra cash. You’ll be leaving a bunch of it at the Goodie Store err Pro Shop.

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