Gun Nuts Tonight: NDs, NCIS, and more acronyms

Tonight’s show is a hodgepodge of topics of interest that we’ll be discussing. First and foremost, we’ll be talking about Negligent Discharges of firearms, and what can be done to prevent them. We’ll also be covering some news items, as well as talking about the return of my favorite bad tv show, NCIS. Join us tonight at 9pm Eastern time – the location is the same: ¬†As usual, the call in number for tonight’s show is 347-539-5436, and we’d love to have your comments or opinions on any of the issues that we discuss!

Don’t forget, 9pm Eastern time – Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. NCIS is like crack. At first, you don’t want to try it, because it seems a little lame and you don’t see what the big deal is. Then you watch a few episodes, and begin to admit there might be something to it. Then you find yourself up at 3:00 AM binge-watching 8 straight episodes as you’re trying to catch and find out how the hell Director Shepherd was killed but being cock-blocked by CBS because they only keep one season up online at a time.

  2. I’m downloading the mp3 now and can’t wait to hear what you say about negligent discharges.

    I’ve listened to a few of your podcasts and often thought about suggesting you talk about negligent discharges, gun accidents, or whatever one wants to call them. With so many people having bought guns recently it’s inevitable that there will be mishaps.

    I write about negligent discharges at my own blog when I learn about them. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh, but sometimes it’s tragic.

    With so many people out there wanting to restrict gun ownership it certainly doesn’t help the cause when gun owners get careless.

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