USPSA 2009 Limited, Revolver, and Limited-10 Results

The 2009 USPSA Nationals have come to a close, and now for many shooters they have a couple of days to rest and relax before the IDPA Nationals in Tulsa.  However, for some, the USPSA Nationals conclude the “shooting season”, as fall weather begins in many parts of the country, the days get shorter and the shooting hours are limited.  It was a great year at the Nationals – here’s a link to the previously posted Open/Production Nationals Results.  Now, here are the results from the Limited, Limited-10, and Revolver races.


Champion: Ted Puente

High Lady: Jessie Abbate


Champion: Dave Sevigny

High Lady: Randi Rogers


Champion: Cliff Walsh

High Lady: Annette Aysen

Monday-Morning Quarterback

Honestly, my first thought when I read those scores was “holy smokes Jerry Miculek didn’t win?”  Congratulations to Cliff Walsh on his big win in Revolver division!  The other divisions had some interesting races, as in Limited-10 Dave Sevigny and Bob Vogel flip-flopped from their finish in Production Division, with Dave taking top honors.  Travis Tomasie, Manny Brag, Mike Voight, and Todd Jarrett round out the top 5 in the Limited Division, with only 2 match points separating 2nd from 3rd in a tough match.

On the ladies’ side, Jessie Abbate continued to win everything in sight, taking top honors in Limited Division as mentioned above, with the next highest lady shooter finishing over 100 match points behind her.  In Limited-10, Julie Golob took 2nd Place Lady coming in behind Randi Rogers of Team Glock.

The Limited-10 division looks like it’s going to be a big pool full of scary fish for some time to come, as many of the top Production shooters can effortlessly cross over to L10 using gear that is very similar to their Production gear.  That pool will only get scarier if S&W introduces an M&P Pro in .40 S&W.

Congratulations to all the shooters for a great match – good luck to those of you that are headed out to Tulsa for the IDPA Nationals, and for the rest of you, enjoy some downtime.  I hope to see a whole lot of the Production Division shooters come out to Bianchi Cup next year and step up the participation in Bianchi Cup’s Production Division.


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