Umarex and HK enter licensing agreement

HK and Umarex have agreed to enter into an agreement to allow Umarex to produce licensed copies of the HK-416, the MP-5, and the MP-7 in .22 LR.  These might be on display at SHOT ’10.  I’ve heard mixed reports on the Umarex M4 clone in .22 LR, so the jury is out on these for the time being.  One wonders though what this will do the GSG-5s marketshare, which you could argue was the gun that kicked off the whole “imitation black rifle” craze.

All that being said, I want one of the MP-7 clones.  Bad.

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  1. The joke of course is that a .22LR clone is not going to be must less effective than the fancy MP7 and its fancy .17 caliber cartridge 😉

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