USPSA Nationals Results

The results are in for the first round of USPSA Nationals, which were held over the past three days for Production Division and Open Division.  Here are your top 10 in Production:

  1. Bob Vogel
  2. Dave Sevigny
  3. Phil Strader
  4. Matt Mink
  5. Rob Leatham
  6. Blake M.
  7. Matt C.
  8. BJ Norris
  9. Ben Stoeger
  10. Michael H.

Apologies to those whose full names I didn’t immediately recognize; and congrats to Bob Vogel for a successful defense of his Production Title, making it two straight wins in a row!

Your Open Division Top 10 finishers are:

  1. Max Michel
  2. KC Eusebio
  3. JJ Racaza
  4. Shannon Smith
  5. Saul K.
  6. Henning Wallgren
  7. Todd Jarrett
  8. Manny Brag
  9. Jojo V.
  10. Chris T.

Congratulations to all the Open shooters as well, who put on a great match.  Right now, the Limited/10/Revolver Nationals are under-way – anyone want to put money on how much Jerry Miculek wins revolver division by?

Other Production Division results, your top three Lady shooters are as follows:

  1. Jessie Abbate
  2. Julie Golob
  3. Randi Rogers

Keep checking back through the week as I update results from the USPSA Nationals!

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