1. JMB initially specified a 200gr bullet, but then redesigned the cartridge for a 230gr at the behest of the Army.

    I’m surprised Tam hasn’t jumped in here with that already. 🙂

  2. Saw an article a year or so back about loading .45 ACP with 250 grain bullets. I have a few left over .45 Colt bullets, I might give that a try.


  3. “why are you shooting a .45 ACP?”

    I like the options it give me. I can load up the 185gr to 45 Super levels and it’ll pack a punch without taking my arm off, or I can load up 230gr cast target loads that just sort of mosey towards the target.

    Or I can walk into any store that sells ammo and find some on the shelf.

  4. I shoot a .45 ACP because S&W doesn’t make a 6 shot L frame revolver in .38 Super.

    NMM1AFan – be careful when you do that. .45 ACP bullets are usually .452, and .45 Colt bullets are usually .454 in diameter.

    Also, I had no idea JMB wanted a 200 grain bullet. Truly he had the soul of a gamerfag.

  5. 230 grain lead round nose hand cast by moi, in front of 4.7 grains of Alliant Bullseye.

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