Gun Nuts: Gun Laws

Did you listen to last night’s Gun Nuts Radio?. If you didn’t, you’re in luck because you can click that link to download the episode. Breda did a great show, and my thanks to JayG and everyone that called in for supporting Gun Nuts Radio. Click here for an .mp3 copy of last night’s show, and don’t forget you can also download the show from iTunes by searching for Gun Nuts Radio.

Next week we’ll be celebrating the return of my favorite bad TV show, NCIS, as well as talking about some exciting industry news. Don’t miss next week’s Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. Until he fixes the link, you can download it yourself by changing the “m” to “www” in the URL. Specifically, “” should be “”. Enter the correct URL manually and the download will work.

  2. Links are fixed now. I had them pointed to the BTR’s mobile site on accident. I suppose it’s what I get for blogging from my iPhone.

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