Gun Nuts Radio and Silly Gun Laws

Tune in tonight to Gun Nuts Radio, where we’ll be discussing a couple of interesting topics: 1) the silly gun laws across the nation, and 2) the recent Super Tea Party held in Washington, DC.  As usual, the show will go live at 9pm Eastern time, and as always the call in number is 347-539-5436.

Don’t forget, that’s 9pm Eastern time at – don’t miss the show!


  1. Don’t forget to mention the fact that except for a few specific ways, it is pretty much 99 % illegal to carry a pistol off of your property in Indiana without at least a hunting & target permit, while vastly more potent rifles and shotguns could be legally be piled in to the back of a truck until it looked like a porcupine.

    The hunting restrictions on centerfire rifle ammo deserve a mention again, though it has been discussed on some gun blogs lately as I recall.

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