Is your mayor anti-gun?

With Indiana being widely recognized as a very pro-gun state, my Hoosier readers and friends might be surprised to find out that your mayor is a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group. While the name sounds benign, MAIG as an organization supports gun control and infringing the rights of Hoosier gun owners in the name of Mike Bloomberg’s anti-gun agenda. Many mayors have signed up for the group unaware of Bloomberg’s gun control agenda.

Starting today and continuing through Monday, we’ll be looking at Indiana mayors that are part of MAIG – if you live in a town with a mayor that is a member of Bloomberg’s gun control group, contact them today and urge them to withdraw from a group that seeks to infringe the right of law abiding Indiana gun owners.

Today’s three mayors are 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat, from the cities of Portland, Warsaw, and Columbus Indiana.

Mayor of Portland: Bruce Hosier can be emailed at [email protected]

As of Friday morning, Mayor Hosier has dropped out of MAIG.

Mayor of Warsaw: Ernest B Wiggins, also a Republican can be emailed at [email protected]
Update Mayor Wiggins has officially dropped out of MAIG.

Mayor of Columbus: Fred Armstrong, a Democrat can be emailed at [email protected]

Remember that some of these mayors have no idea that MAIG is an anti-gun front, so keep your initial emails cordial. Good lines of conversation would be pointing out the anti-gun agenda espoused by MAIG, and questioning whether an Indiana mayor wants to be publicly associated with a group that wants to infringe on the rights of Indiana gun owners.


  1. When I initially looked at Illinois Mayors, it turned out 3 of the 8 listed were out of date. Once city has since been removed from the MAIG website.

    Are all the IN ones current?

  2. Given the effort that was launched by NRA last week, you should double check the information before each post just to be sure. It’s a good thing to warrant an update in this case, but Mayor Wiggins dropped out yesterday, an issue that the local press noted today. I try to do a once over at the end of each day or just before posting just to check because of this initiative, and state organization efforts, in progress. It’s kind of a pain, but like I said, usually results in very good news. 🙂

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