IDPA Tri-State Regional

That’s where I’ll be this weekend – getting my gun on against the best IDPA has to offer from Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.  The Tri-State Regional is held in Arlington, TN and is host to 10 stages of IDPA action.  They’ve posted this year’s stages online, so you can get a look at what I’m going to be putting up with this year.  You’ll notice there’s a lot of weak hand shooting, which puts me at sort an advantage.  I’m lefthanded, but I shoot righthanded because I’m right eye dominant.  The advantage comes in to play in that I’m more naturally dexterous with my weak hand than most true right handed shooters.  Whether or not this helps me at the match remains to be seen, but I do know that I’ll be practicing dry firing with my weak hand every night until the match.

It should be fun, and assuming that Arlington has good 3G signal, I’ll be able to provide updates from the field!