Guns and media

I used to like Boondock Saints, and I suppose I still enjoy parts of it.  That being said, the concept of a sequel is repulsive and wrong to me.  See, as much as I enjoy some of the cinematic elements of the original film, it has probably been responsible for more incorrect firearms related knowledge amongst a certain demographic than CounterStrike.  After watching the trailer for Boondock Saints 2: Electric Boogaloo, I can only assume from the shots of the two brothers firing Desert Eagles in either hand that this movie is only going to make this worse.


  1. If you go to movies with the expectation of realistic firearm handling and references, the am I to assume that outside of Michael Mann movies, you come away dissapointed with all of them? When watching Boondock Saints (hands down one of my top five movies), the last thing I was expecting was accuracy when coming to firearms handling, tactics, and the like were the last things on my mind.

    Personally, it all reminds me of the scene with Dafoe when he realised they came in through the ceiling. “Movies! Movies did this!”

    And of course

    “Charlie Bronson always had a rope.”
    “We don’t need no fookin rope”
    “Is that right Rambo” *holds up massive combat knife*
    “Take your fookin’ rope”

  2. Well to be fair, their improbable aiming skills can be attributed to them being the modern day Judas Maccabeus, with a divine mandate to kick ass.

  3. If I refused to watch any movies or shows that portrayed incorrect information about firearms, there wouldn’t be much left to watch.

    Also, expecting two characters with no firearms knowledge to use them correctly is a bit of a stretch too. Having them fumble like idiots was just being true to character for them both.

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