Sights Poll: IDPA/USPSA shooters

I tend to vacillate on this issue myself, as my XD I have set up with black rear posts and big white front dot, which is the same set up I have on my Para Tac-5. On the other hand, my Para 16-40 has black on black BoMars, and the Gun Blog 9mm has FauxMar rears and a fiber optic front. Rounding out the different sight configurations on guns I’ve owned is my 625 which has black rear posts and a big ol’ HiViz fiber front.

I do know that for accuracy games like Bianchi Cup, I definitely prefer a “black rear posts, black front post” sight arrangement. I feel that it gives finer accuracy control, which is the heart and soul of Bianchi Cup.


  1. For gaming, I favor the fiber front and black rear which is what I have on my P14-45, but on my main carry gun which is also my main IDPA gun, I have TFOs.

    I like the how TFOs are visible in any kind of light from bright daylight to pitch black.

  2. I recently bought a FO front sight and found that the fiber washing out the top edge of the front sight needed for hard shots (25 yd +). The fiber does feel better on the close hosing targets (<7yds), but how much time are you saving there vs. losing points on hard targets. I'm still not sure what the best option is, but currently I'm using Warren black rear and a blacked out fiber front.

  3. Yeah, I like the picture on the Straight Eights for defensive shooting. It’s cleaner and faster than the 3 dot picture IMO.

    Hey, did Heinie ever get around to sending a new rear sight for the P30?

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