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A couple of programming notes about last night’s Gun Nuts Radio before you click that link: 1) there may or may not be 2 minutes of dead air at the beginning of the show.  The reason for this is that we just upgraded to BTR’s Premium service, which allows us to use BTR’s native VOIP program to host the show – however, initially it wasn’t picking up gains from either of my two mikes, so we had some difficulties.  We’ve replaced the “bad” show with an edited version, but BTR tells me it won’t be live and processed for at least another hour (it’s 0722 EDT as I write this).

Once we moved past the technical difficulties, the show itself was pretty fun.  Robb Allen, The Nerds, Joe Huffman, and Kevin Baker all joined us, providing a fun rountable discussion that hit on favorite bloggers, shooting topics, and then finally on the one thing we’d like to see change about the way the industry interacts with bloggers.  Click here for the show page to listen to the show, or if you’d prefer your Gun Nuts in .mp3 format your wish is my command.

A couple of things really stood out about last night’s Gun Nuts in the closing minutes, when we were talking about changes we’d like to see to industry: Robb pointed out that a lot of the smaller, newer companies such as Daniel Defense and Tactilite have been successful in reaching out to blogs and online publishing; partly because they’re smaller and more centralized, and partly because we’re more cost effective.  In the chat, SayUncle pointed out that usually the industry is friendly to us, but they don’t exactly know how to leverage new media.  Finally, Joe mentioned that he’d like to see bloggers put a more refined focus on their content.

What struck me is how neatly those three observations dovetailed.  Think about it – say you’re a blogger that focuses exclusively on say, Ruger firearms products.  In a perfect world, you’d be on the distribution list for press releases from Ruger, and people from Ruger would send you emails saying “hey, we have a sooper sekrit new gun coming out, be ready”, and that sort of thing.  It allows Ruger to generate legitimate interest in their product, the blogger keeps a tight focus, and everyone is happy.

Definitely check out last night’s Gun Nuts Radio, it was a lot of fun and I’m pleased as punch at everyone who was able to make it on the show.  If you’d like to pick up Gun Nuts on iTunes, you can go to the iTunes store and search for “Gun Nuts Radio”, or just click here for download instructions.  Next week we’ll have Julie Golob on with us again, to talk about her latest project with USPSA!

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