A Masters in 1911ology

I once spent 13 hours in a car with Tam, where I learned more about 1911 pistols than I knew in my entire life before that. She shares some additional 1911 knowledge in the most recent Gun School post.

Unlike Tam, I’m a fan of a properly fitted extended slide stop on 1911s, but that’s because I have itty bitty hands.


  1. Even a “properly fitted” one only belongs on game guns, where if you nudge it with your thumb or if it bounces up under recoil, you only blow a stage.

    Since I don’t like having a different manual of arms for real life and for games, I’ll just stick with slingshotting the slide and realize that I’ll constantly be getting pwnt at matches.

  2. I agree with keeping the manual of arms the same – part of why I finally (after what, 2 years of dicking around?) settled on the XD for games and an XD compact for carry. I like that the slide release lever is in a place where I can hit it with my strong hand without really changing my grip. If god forbid I should ever be in a gunfight with the little compact XD, I’d at least know how to reload it in the dark.

  3. XDs have slide stops AND slide release levers now?

    I just can’t keep up with the times. All of this *waves arms* was orchard . . . and the Russians were our enemies.

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