Ahab's Revenge

I mentioned the upcoming Indiana IDPA State Championship last week in a post to encourage shooters from Indiana to register and represent our home state.  I wanted to give you guys an update about that: there is now going to be a stage at the State Match designed by yours truly and entitled “Ahab’s Revenge”.  When the stages are officially released I’ll post it here so you can see the kind of fun you’ll be having at the Indiana IDPA State Championship.  Just to give you a little taste: lots of hostages to shoot, lots of shooting and scooting.  This is a stage that I’m proud of, because looking at the finished product I can sit back with pride and say “man, people are going to HATE this.”

There are two kinds of hate though for stages.  The first kind is the bad kind, where people hate stages because they’re poorly designed and ambiguous.  The second kind is the good kind, where people hate stages because they challenge their shooting skills and make them think with a gun in their hands.  Hopefully, if we do our jobs right, this stage will bring the second kind of hate – because I want people to think it’s hard, but to still have fun.