The XDM 9mm

I’ve been shooting my XDM in 9mm for a little over a month now, and I’ve put about 2k rounds through it in that time. A few thoughts on Friday:

  1. The trigger – well, it’s an XD trigger. It’s not great, but out of the box for a plastic gun, it’s not bad. I’ve managed to shoot it in a bit as well, which for a gun like this is my favorite kind of action job.
  2. The sights – actually, the sights are great. The XDM series comes from the factory with Springfield’s Heinie knock-offs, which mean that they present an excellent sight picture. I blacked out the two white dots on the rear sights, which gives me a “black-on-white” sight picture, perfect for action pistol.
  3. Slide stop/slide release – this is purely a “gamer” thing, but I love where this is located. I have smaller hands, and being able to drop the slide with my “shooting hand” without changing my grip means I can do slide lock mag changes a little bit faster.
  4. The magazine release – I don’t know if this is an issue with all the XD pistols, but holy cow is that mag release stiff. I have to WAIL on it to get the mag to release. I’ll probably have the button replaced with a larger, extended mag release so I can get at it easier.

Overall, I think it’s a great gun. It’s ideally suited for USPSA production, and out of the box the “M” requires few if any mods to get you shooting. It even carries well, as I’ve been lugging it around in my Blade-Tech Stingray Belt Holster whenever I’m not in dress clothes. The gun is a good, solid, flat shooting polymer pistol. Sadly, Springfield has never been able to pick up the LE market with the gun like Glock and S&W have, but it’s extremely popular for concealed carry, and enjoys moderate popularity on the USPSA circuit. I actually see more XDs of all the various flavors in IDPA, where they’re classified in Enhanced Service Pistol or Custom Defensive Pistol; I honestly believe this is because of the gun’s popularity as a CCW gun, and IDPA marketing itself as “the” CCW sport.


  1. Send your XD to Scott Springer at Springer Precision. The trigger can be much better than stock. Especially the trigger reset.

  2. my xd has a crazy tough mag spring, I’ve been considering replacing it. best of luck with yours.

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