ICORE Match this weekend

That’s right, we are shooting ICORE this weekend at Atlanta Consveration Club, and for this weekend we have a special 2-for-1 deal. If you bring a new shooter with you who has never shot ICORE at ACC before, both you and the new shooter shoot for a half off match fee, 2 shooters for the price of one. To make it even easier, if you don’t have a revolver, bring your semi-auto! For this match, to drive up attendance, I’m going to have a special category for semi-auto pistols, which normally ICORE doesn’t allow.

8am setup
9am-9:45 registration
9:45am shooter’s meeting
10am hammer down!

Bring a friend, bring a semi-auto, but most importantly come out to ACC this Saturday! Anyone who can make it out at 0800 to help set up will also shoot for 50% match fee!

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