Gun Nuts Radio with BJ Norris

Last night’s Gun Nuts Radio, featuring BJ Norris was a great episode – if for no other reason than you got to hear from a young man who is passionate about serving his country.  That alone would have made it a great show, but we also covered the shooting sports, Plaxico Burress, and quite a few other topics.  Click here to go to the show page and listen.  If you’d prefer a raw .mp3 copy of the show, you can click here.

BJ was a great guest, and as he’s getting ready to ship out for the Army he was able to share his insights on competitive shooting, on why he chose to go Infantry, and even on open carry.  Many thanks to him for taking the time out of his schedule to join us last night.  Click here to listen to our conversation with BJ Norris.  Don’t forget to join us next week for our blogger roundtable – we’ll be joined by up and coming bloggers to discuss the things that new media does well, and areas of improvement.  Join us next week at 9pm Eastern time for Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. Not a knock – but the sound of typing drowns out some of BJ’s talking…

    Is there a way to address this in the future?

  2. On the show you mentioned a individual that lost some weight and got in shape. I could not find a link to his web site etc. Can you provide the link, as I need to get in shape myself. I think you referred to him a J.R.



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