Department of Homeland Security gives Winchester Ammo contract

That has got to be one of the longest titles I’ve ever put on a post.  The news though is that DHS has contracted with Winchester’s Ammo division for 200 million (that’s 200,000,000) rounds of .40 S&W ammo over the next five years.  That’s 40 million (40,000,000) rounds of amm per year.  According to the Winchester press release, the round selected is a 135 grain hollow point designed to meet specifications set forth by the Border Patrol.  This round will be used in DHS law enforcement applications, including the US Coast Guard when operating domestically as a law enforcement agency.

The new round will fall under Winchester’s “Ranger” line of products, which due to Winchester’s marketing policy they sell only to Law Enforcement agencies and LE dealers.  However, runs of the excellent Ranger ammo are often available online at places like GunBroker.